by Terrance Plowright

Terrance has also designed and created a number of water features, the most well-known of which is possibly the Dancing Brolgas and fountain at Darling Harbour, which was his first water feature.

Others include ‘Mirrored Stillness, Dancing Streams’, 50m long with four granite plinths, 8 x1.5m submersible pumps, a major 38 kVA water wall pump, five variable speed drives, computer, 98 nozzles, LED lighting, commissioned by the Deutsche Bank Headquarters, Phillip St, Sydney.

‘Emergence’ is a 6m high solid granite and stainless steel sculptural water feature with three sets of stainless steel contemporary figures surrounding the main feature, found at Newcastle Permanent Building in King St, Newcastle.

‘Flowering Streams’ at The Entrance in NSW, is 5m high, created from stainless steel plate, weighing two tonnes, with 18 nozzles, hydraulics hidden inside, and the main central sculpture suspended.

Terrance also designs and creates smaller works, such as ‘Reconciliation’, a 3m high stainless steel sculptural water feature with LED lighting at Kings School in Sydney. 


Images (top to bottom): Dancing Brolgas Fountain; Flowering Streams; Emergence; and Mirrored Stillness, Dancing Streams.

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