Natureworks' giant mushrooms are a stunning work of art which provide a practical and useful feature or shade element to suit any outside/inside space. There is a choice of 3 stem sizes available - 2m, 2.5m and 3m high mushrooms. The diameter of the top is 2.0 metres, but a 1.3 metre diameter version is currently on the drawing board.

All pieces are manufactured with a heavy duty pipe stem through the centre of the stalk. For permanent outdoor use we recommend the installation of a poured concrete slab of sufficient size. Embedded vertically into this base slab is a galvanized steel pipe which snugly receives the steel pipe which protrudes from the stem base of the mushroom. Alternatively large 800mm x 10mm base plates with holes for fixing to a slab or timber floor are recommended.

Coming soon to the range is our 1.3 metre mushroom table with two different styles of single mushroom stools and two different styles of double mushroom stools.

Natureworks can custom build to your requirements, or you could choose from their existing 800 stock items, which are available to create a special feature in your space. You dream it we can create it!

Natureworks offer a professional and reliable fabrication service from initial enquiry through to delivery of compliant products manufactured using quality materials and finishes. 

Their broad product range of over 800 stock items of nature based themed elements of the natural world, include, birds, mammals, amphibians, cryptozoology and archaeological oddities, historical antiquities, reptiles, trees, rocks, a large range of the Australian prehistoric megafauna and over 60 dinosaurs. There is also an intriguing range of theming props such as Pirates, Egyptians, Palm trees, Giant Mushrooms, Catering products, and seasonal & Christmas decor. Custom built trees are also a speciality along with nature based water sculptures such as giant whale heads & tails & fountains for wet play areas. The majority of pieces are life-size, or larger than life.

Natureworks is expanding their Mini Golf range to offer readymade mini golf courses in kit form, with a selection of theming options.

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