In Victorian times, it was very posh to sport a Galapagos Tortoise in one’s garden. These beautiful creatures were rounded up in large numbers and were kept as fresh meat for seafaring sailors. Some made it back to the mother country and became a symbol of status grazing the gardens of the “bourgeoisie”.

Now as a sad tribute to these creatures who wandered the gardens of Europe, Natureworks has produced a timeless tribute to our vanishing Aldabra Tortoises from the Galapagos Islands. It is an ideal child-friendly item not easily vandalised or damaged, and looks REAL!

It has also been popular with child care centres and council parks. It can be made extra heavy duty, for occasions when an extra strong piece is required. It is 154 cm long by 93 cm wide, by 70cm high and weighs 33kgs. 

Natureworks can custom build to your requirements, or you could choose from their existing 800 stock items, which are available to create a special feature in your space. You dream it we can create it!

Natureworks offer a professional and reliable fabrication service from initial enquiry through to delivery of compliant products manufactured using quality materials and finishes. 

Their broad product range of over 800 stock items of nature based themed elements of the natural world, include, birds, mammals, amphibians, cryptozoology and archaeological oddities, historical antiquities, reptiles, trees, rocks, a large range of the Australian prehistoric megafauna and over 60 dinosaurs. There is also an intriguing  range of theming props such as Pirates, Egyptians, Palm trees, Giant Mushrooms, Catering products, and seasonal & Christmas decor. Custom built trees are also a speciality along with nature based water sculptures such as giant whale heads & tails & fountains for wet play areas. The majority of pieces are life-size, or larger than life.

Natureworks is expanding their Mini Golf range to offer readymade mini golf courses in kit form, with a selection of theming options.

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