BoscoLighting develops ground-breaking street lighting solutions through a beautiful combination of state-of-art technologies and contemporary design.

Unique and stylish, the new street light range presents itself to a wide range of urban environments from area lighting to security lighting around buildings. With efficiency reaches 115 LM/W, they are pole-top light fittings that have been designed to use minimal energy and are an environmentally friendly, no hassle option.

Available in different power ranges to meet a wide range of needs, the new street lighting range is IP65 waterproof and can be integrated with motion detectors or left on all night at a fraction of the cost of traditional technology, increasing security and safety for users at no extra cost to providers.

Keeping the community safe and secure in a sophisticated way, BoscoLighting's SORA and RONA street light series are suited to modern, contemporary or even historical architecture.


  • Unique design can be custom made
  • Lightweight
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy installation
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Fitting colour: black


  • Parking areas
  • Parks and gardens
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Squares and plazas 

BoscoLighting also offers a selection of superior LED modular street lights to meet your requirements for new development and renovation projects of domestic streets, city streets and public squares, major highways & expressways.

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