by EJ

How would you like to manhandle a 70kg+ manhole cover onto a display stand at a trade show? Hernia country can be avoided with this amazing new technique from EJ in Ireland.

Their composite team has devised a way of creating a 3D model of the MAESTRO™. It’s a mini version of the real thing and one heck of a lot lighter! The detail on this highly portable model is extraordinary, right down to keyhole, lettering and snap lock bars under the cover.

Obviously, it’s much easier to transport to trade shows and conferences around the country and simple to set up. Customers can pick it up and examine its workings in the palm of their hands.

This particular 3D print is a replica of a real life Wellington (New Zealand) City Council MAESTRO™ cover complete with their Maori inspired insignia. And it’s amazingly accurate in scale to the real deal.

Next time you see us at a trade show, make sure you ask about MAESTRO™. Our team member may very well slip it out from his jacket pocket and into your hand. The fact that it is to perfect scale and detail means it’s not just a gimmick but a really smart tool for our customers.

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