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Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport is laid out across the undulating landscape of the sprawling Darling Downs. It’s designed to handle 747 traffic and it is anticipated that before too long, it will become the hub of an international import/export port for freight to and from Asia in particular. Currently, it handles Qantas and Rex domestic traffic flying tourists and business travellers from Sydney and FIFO contractors to Queensland’s coalfields.

The entire valley in which it is located is home to massive commercial and industrial development encircling the airport with warehousing build projects in full swing. You can’t imagine a development of such scale not being the landing place for EJ product. Much of the drainage and manhole cover requirements have been installed across the valley with some special stainless steel drainage grates featuring in the architecturally arresting airport terminal precinct.

With more than 100,000 passengers channelled through the airport facility per year, only the finest product could withstand the high traffic demands and it’s only going to get busier as more interstate traffic arrives for the vast variety of attractions and events that make up the South East Queensland Country Tourism corner.

Airport and port installations are a specialty of EJ, with innovative manhole covers designed for the heaviest traffic but with the capability of easy, safe access for contractors.

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