The patented PowerLok® barless locking system has been designed to help secure lids to cable pits. Whether you require this product for use in combination with Polycrete® Pits, or ACO’s plastic pit range, PowerLok® is designed to lock your lid directly to a pit through a fastened bracket without the need for a low hanging locking bar.

The PowerLok® barless locking system has been designed to allow for two levels of security, basic or high security. For routine projects that require secured cable pits, the PowerLok® barless locking system is easy to use and durable in a range of conditions.

For high-security use, in prisons, military bases or child-friendly areas where the safety of our little ones is paramount, the PowerLok® system can be made more secure by using a high strength bolt and padlock combination to fasten the lid to the bracket through a metal chamber.

The PowerLok® features a bolt or padlock provision that can fasten the lid to the pit via a purposed designed bracket. When the tab slides into position and ultimately locks the lid, you can be sure that no one is going to be able to access any material within.

What really sets this product apart from others on the market is the absence of any low hanging locking bar or loose bolts to deal with. Instead, the design incorporates a spring loaded access hatch for extra convenience. The absence of a locking bar, typical of traditional locking pits, ensures that metallic components are not kept in proximity to cables for safety reasons. This inhibits a damaged cable from making the lid live.

Key benefits and features of the PowerLok® System:

  • Robust design
  • First-class security
  • Easy accessibility
  • Innovative engineering
  • Useful for routine inspections: The red colour indicator signifies whether or not a lid is locked.

ACO’s PowerLok® lid was appropriate enough to meet with the Western Australian Public Transport Authority’s specific padlocking requirements. For maximised work safety, lids do not exceed 25kg.

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