Airports and aircraft facilities require diverse and durable products for a variety of drainage, access cover, and cabling requirements. ACO Polycrete understands that products used in airport facilities must be able to withstand heavy traffic, meet strict safety standards, and maintain premium performance to remain within airport schedules.

For airport facilities, many tasks require frequent access to utilities or machinery beneath road surfaces that can bear extreme weight loads. For these applications, assist lift covers are a must to keep all personnel safe and performing up to scratch.

ACO Polycrete offers airport and aircraft facilities the Servokat® access cover range. For easy accessibility, the cover is hinged to the frame and a gas strut allows for easy opening. Each system contains a rubber seal ensuring a gas and water tight seal. Covers can be opened from above or below. When opened, a galvanized steel safety gate falls into place when the cover is lifted and a stop latch holds the cover open to prevent the cover from accidentally closing.

Servokat® access covers are available in the following styles:

  • Galvanised steel frame and solid top cover 
    (loadings up to D400kN – EN124)*
  • Galvanised steel frame and recessed cover 
    (loadings up to D400kN – EN124)*
  • Cast iron frame and recessed cover 
    (loadings up to F900kN – EN124)*

The Servokat® access cover range is available in typical single part, clear opening sizes of 600 x 600, 1000 x 1000, 1200 x 1200 ,1500 x 1500 for load classes  B125kN, D400kN, F900kN (EN124) *.

2 part units are also available, as are special sizes upon request.

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