The China Green Redevelopment project is being built over the old Australian Fine China Production Facility in Subiaco, Perth. Whilst some of the industrial heritage symbols of the past are preserved, the site will be transformed into a thriving and modern inner city community. The first stage includes the construction of roads, public spaces, and parks as well as the accompanying drainage and cable infrastructure.

Designers chose ACO’s Pavermate access covers to preserve the visual continuity of the brick paver design over the utility enclosures. These covers were deep enough to accommodate the full depth of the pavers thereby minimising excess cutting.     

Specifier: Qld Project Services
Product featured: Pavermate steel access covers
Other ACO products used in this feature: ACO ACCESS steel and iron cover & frame systems, ACO DRAIN grated pits & trenches, ACO CABLEMATE trafficable pits.

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