by KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions

Porous Paving is a low maintenance permeable paver that reduces rain run off and returns water back to the water table.

On traditional hardstand areas during heavy rain events, water builds up, pools and overwhelms storm water systems leading to local flooding and damage to infrastructure. 

With Porous Paving, water is absorbed so that there is minimal run off or pooling of water. Water can also be collected beneath the Porous Paving by using underground collection tanks such as Cellutank.

Porous Paving is ideal for areas such as:

  • Footpaths
  • Roadways
  • Aged care facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Child care centres
  • Pool surrounds

Porous Paving is made from natural sand that is sourced from sustainable sources and bound together with polymers which allow water to pass through the matrix.

The manufacturing process is low in carbon emissions as high temperature baking is not required therefore less energy is used. No residual pollution is produced and the product is recyclable.

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