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The popularity of light neutrals in home design isn’t limited to interiors, according to the latest selection trends from bricks manufacturer Boral. Australians are embracing white, cream and light grey bricks for home exteriors, echoing European interior design predictions for the year ahead.

“We have seen an increased interest of lighter colour bricks across the East Coast,” said David Bird, general manager of Boral Bricks East. “The white, cream and light grey Boral Horizon bricks, launched earlier this year, are proving especially popular in New South Wales and Queensland.

“Interestingly, Victorians are favouring lighter coloured exteriors, marking a shift away from their love of traditional red brick homes. In response to growing demand, we recently expanded our range of cream, white and light grey bricks in Victoria,” added David.

A lighter coloured exterior is an ideal base for changing indoor and outdoor design trends, and cream and white bricks can be a cost-effective and easy option for achieving this. Rather than painting or rendering darker bricks, home owners can opt for cream or white bricks for new builds or extensions and eliminate these additional processes and costs.

“Light exteriors can also help to keep houses in warm climates cool year-round. Research has shown that the use of light-coloured bricks can reduce heat absorption, helping to keep the home cool naturally,” said David.

Boral offers a range of colour-coated and colour-through bricks in white, cream and light grey tones. Colour-through bricks, where the face colour is carried through the whole brick, help to disguise chips through natural wear and tear. Colour-coated bricks, which have a darker base and are coated with a light colour, are ideal for the budget-conscious home builder.

Boral bricks are kiln-fired up to 1130°C.Bricks are available in standard, 50mm and double height sizes.

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