by KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions

Open outdoor spaces and decked areas are becoming increasingly popular. KHD provides a number of innovative paver support options that include -

Versi Jack®

Versi Jack® a simple and easy to install telescopic pedestal system that increases air ventilation, reduces sound transmissions and has the ability to run services through the decked area such as environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Versi Pave

Versi Pave is a lightweight paver support designed to eliminate the use of sand when laying pavers, resulting in reduced weight-bearing loads on building structures. Versi Pave also provides a well-drained and level surface for the easy placement of pavers such as granite, marble and precast concrete.

Spira Pave

Spira Pave is a high strength pedestal consisting of separate paired components to create pedestals of different heights. The system is adjustable in height making it ideal for installations where conventional supports are impractical. Spira Pave can also be used in conjunction with a slope corrector, which compensates for slopes of up to 5%.

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