by KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions

BionicTile® is a facade tile like no other. Not only is it an attractive exterior surface for buildings, BionicTile® is also able to remove harmful Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from the air we breathe - A bona fide eco tile.

Millions of tons of NOx are released into the atmosphere each year. These harmful gases are commonly created from combustion in cars and emissions from industry. BionicTile® absorbs NOx, and through a chemical reaction converts it into harmless water-soluble nitrogen compounds.

One square metre of BionicTile® removes 25.09 micrograms of NOx every hour or 24o square metres allowing ten people each year to breath air that is NOx free.  

BionicTile® also reduces the presence of harmful HNO3 (acid rain).

BionicTile® is environmentally sound as well as aesthetically pleasing. It is self-cleaning and the decontamination process is continuous, inhibiting the build-up of grime and algae.

BionicTile® is a glazed porcelain tile with a slightly textured, leaf like feel. It is available in four colours:

  • Grey
  • Tobacco
  • Ivory
  • White

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