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When ideas and innovation from two different specialist sources come together, you would have to sit up and take notice of the outcomes. So it is when EJ and the Queensland AHSCA share their ideas and innovations that solutions to infrastructure hydraulic and fire safety problems are resolved.

The Queensland AHSCA (Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia) is on a mission to bring various industry contributors to the table to pool thinking and share innovations that can deliver solutions to old and new problems facing these growing specialisations.

Because of its global family of solutions to hydraulic and safety challenges, EJ has been a major contributor.

Throughout the world, EJ is confronted with unique problems that require customised product and innovative design concepts to overcome their clients’ engineering challenges. So it is not surprising that the Queensland AHSCA has made a public award to EJ for their contribution to the Association’s goals. EJ has resolved to continue their full support for AHSCA and looks forward to more problem solving ventures in the future.

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