Until now soft fall areas around play grounds were not allowed to use turf.

The reason is twofold:

  • Turf does not survive the wear and compaction in playground settings.
  • Turf and the soil below it do not meet the fall attenuation requirements of playground standards.

The Solution

A new product called Living Soft Fall™ will help solve the problem of growing turf in fall zones of playgrounds. It is a growing medium that has been tested and certified to meet playground surfacing requirements of AS/NZS4422:1996 Amdt 1.

Turf grown in this media was tested and passed, both when the turf was alive and dead, even when heavily compacted with a compacting machine. The testing has shown that the media itself cannot compact, and even if the turf dies it will still meet soft fall regulations. Living Soft Fall™ and turf can be used in combination with other playground surfaces. E.g. under the swings and in extreme high wear areas, rubber products can be used.

Why use turf in playgrounds:

  • Looks more natural than other surfaces
  • Is enticing to children
  • Can now be safe to fall onto

Where To Buy

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