Din San allows you to choose quality plants and landscaping products from more than 200 growers at the one site and benefit from the knowledge of experienced horticultural staff. Din San is a wholesale trade nursery and registration is required before purchase. They can also source additional stock from growers throughout Australia via their extensive database.

You will find hundreds of varieties within the trade market including advanced trees, small to large shrubs, groundcovers, hedges, tropical, succulents, fruiting trees, native and ornamental grasses and more. Order over the phone or come in and pick out the stock that best fits your garden or landscaping job. Catalogues are available online or at the nursery.

Along with their massive plant range they also stock a large range of fertilisers and mulch from Debco, Yates, Grow Better and others along with other garden products such as weed killers, tools, pebbles and more.

Din San's large range of garden pots will give your gardens that WOW factor by choosing from many different suppliers such as IOTA pots, Terracotta Works and La Rustica Potteries, all with different shapes and designs.

Din San also supplies a range of instant turf for those looking for an easy and carefree lawn.

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