A unique Callistemon with a narrow slimline growth habit, great as a screen or hedge.

• Slim™ Callistemon provides landscape professionals with a flowering bottlebrush for tight planting areas such as thin garden beds, along fence lines or walls.
• Will grow to approx 3m tall x 1.3m wide, but with pruning can be kept shorter to 1.5–3m high and as thin as 60cm in width. More regular pruning will result in a tidier, denser screen or hedge.
• If left to grow naturally, Slim™ Callistemon requires very minimal pruning to stay narrow.
• A large number of flowering buds develop in spring and will open to classic red bottlebrush flowers throughout spring, sometimes summer and later again in autumn.
• Slim™ Callistemon is unique in that the foliage will grow all the way to the ground, unless pruned away.
• It will tolerate extended dry periods and medium to heavy frosts.

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