Beautiful rustic new growth foliage in an ultra compact form with showy red flowers.

• An ultra compact, fine leaf Callistemon bred from Captain Cook.
• Its new growth in autumn and spring shows masses of rustic red colour. This coupled with its bright red flowers provides a more colourful plant for a longer period.
• When Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon finishes flowering, it is self cleaning, meaning you do not get the just finished flowering look for very long.
• Yearly pruning will keep the Scarlet Flame™ plant as a tight compact shrub to around 60–80cm high. Pruning every second year will keep it to around 1–1.2m high.
• Without pruning, it will reach approximately 1.4–1.5 metres tall. More regular pruning will result in tidier, denser hedges.

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