There are more than 700 species of eucalyptus, commonly known as gum trees, which are mostly native to Australia and a very small number are found in adjacent areas of New Guinea, Indonesia and the northern ranges of the Philippines. Only 15 species occur outside Australia, with just nine of these not occurring in Australia.

Eucalyptus is a popular native tree, which has long been used in Australian gardens but with the push of landscapers choosing natives, Eucalyptus are gaining popularity in Australia. 

Many species are cultivated widely throughout the temperate regions of the world as shade trees or in forestry plantations. They have great foliage colour and a fragrance that is perfect for native gardens. 

Din San has a massive range of Eucalyptus with over 30 varieties available from its growing area in sizes from 25cm up to larger 50cm pots. Some of Din San's popular eucalyptus varieties include leucoxylon ‘Euky Dwarf’, mannifera, ovata, radiata and many more.

Grafted Eucalyptus are also gaining popularity, and Din San has grafted gums in orange, red and white flower colours. Their grafted range is perfect for those looking for great foliage and flower colour in a compact dwarf size, perfect for patios or balconies. 

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