by Warners Nurseries

Warner’s Nurseries is a family owned production nursery, growing an extensive range of trees and shrubs for the horticultural industry.

Currently, Warner’s Magnolias are starting to flower, including their beautiful Stellata, Black Tulip and Fairy Blush varieties. They are available in 20cm, 25cm and 33cm sizes with covered buds just opening.

Their extensive collection of modern stock includes:

  • Popular hedging and screening plants such as evergreen Magnolias, Michelias, Olives, Bay Laurel, Prunus, Lusitanica, Buxus, a select range of Lillypillies, Elaeocarpus, Agonis ‘Burgundy’ and other quality natives
  • Traditional major lines such as Azaleas, Camellias, Conifers, Gardenias, Hydrangeas, Magnolias, Hellebores, Pieris, Nandina and Citrus
  • A selection of deciduous trees inc. Acer, Pyrus and Lagerstroemia
  • Colourful foliage  and structural plants including Agave, Cordyline, Phormium, Arthropodium, Clivia, Liriope, Dianella and Lomandra
  • An array of Standards, Topiary shapes and Espaliers

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