Barangaroo South Stage 1A
Due for supply around May 2015 this job is comprising of 51 x 600 litres and 64 x 1000 litres, these trees are being potted into Alpine’s new wrap around plastic container.

Used on sizes over 400 litres, this method has the flexibility to do varying sizes and allows us to pot on site minimising damage to the trees through handling in the potting process.

It can also take on a different shape if the client has a special need. In this case the Harpulias were required to be in an elliptical container due to restrictions on site.

Darling Harbour
With container sizings ranging from 400 litres to 2500 litres the species in this job have all been planted in a specially formulated potting mix to suit the environment that they will be eventually planted into.

The size of the trees will vary from 4 meters through to 8 meters and have been given extra spacing for optimal growth.

Due for delivery in 2016 these trees will also adopt our new wrap around container system once they are ready for repotting.