by EverEdge

EverEdge steel garden edging can make even the most complicated landscape designs simple with flexible pieces that slot together in any desired form.

EverEdge flexible steel garden edging is simple to install and will last for generations. 

Each metre length is made from a single piece of steel that incorporates the edge and six spikes. Simply hammered into the ground in the desired place, EverEdge requires no additional pins, pegs or joiners.

Every piece of EverEdge is designed to slot easily into the adjoining piece, to form a perfect flush join. The metre lengths bend easily to form any curve, hold any angle or keep a perfect straight line, ensuring your garden will manifest the way it was designed and hold its shape for years to come.

EverEdge is available in three different depths to suit any site requirements: 75mm, 100mm and 125mm. It comes in two versatile and attractive finishes, either a galvanised powder-coated finish in black or brown or a rust-like finish of Corten.

Distributed Australia-wide, EverEdge is available direct or from various stockists.  For more information about this versatile and exciting product, visit or call 0488 010 203.

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