by EverEdge

When you use EverEdge flexible steel garden edging it is very simple to form any curve, any angle or a perfectly straight line. In fact it will hold any shape at all - leaving nice neat edges that will last for generations.

Because EverEdge is made from one piece of steel that incorporates both the edge and the spikes it is incredibly simple to install. The metre lengths are simply hammered into the ground and easily interlock - there are no extra pins, pegs or joiners.

The curves can be created by just bending or flexing the metre lengths as they are installed. The angles are also easy to form by hand by bending the lengths over a hard right angle (corner of table, bench top, etc) to start the angle and then simply bending it more to achieve the required shape.

EverEdge: flexible, versatile, durable and incredibly simple to install.

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