Product Equal access DDA compliant barbecues
Brief Staged development by stockland to include barbecues

Known as “The new Pulse on the Sunshine Coast”, this development is one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken on the Sunshine Coast with new roads, bridges, parks and services on a massive scale. The new regional identity will encompass around 100 hectares of land in the heart of the Coast.

The total economic benefit during the development of Oceanside is forecast to top $5.3 billion over the next 15 years. Greenplate® were thrilled to have their barbecues specified for this development in both the hospital and park precincts due to the close working relationship Greenplate® share with the Sunshine Coast Council where Greenplate® Barbecues are stipulated and endorsed in the SCC’s “Landscape Infrastructure Manual”.

Whilst the Barbecues were not purchased by Sunshine Coast Council, the Architect specified Greenplate® Barbecues based on Council’s LIM recommendation. Furthermore, the Greenplate® Barbecues that were specified for this project are fully “DDA Equal Access Compliant” specifically designed to “Best Practice Standards” and endorsed by Access National Solutions Pty Ltd, which is an Accredited Disability Access Consulting Firm. Greenplate®’s Equal Access Barbecue design ensures that able and disabled bodied persons including vision impaired, are catered for and can access the barbecue from all four sides when cooking.

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