Street Furniture Australia enhances public environments through quality product design. Street Furniture products are designed to improve the daily life of public citizens. We believe the quality of design in the public realm is a measure of our success as an urban civilisation. Street furniture – a civic accessory in its own right – is perhaps the best yardstick.


With its signature roof and size range, the Monsoon collection offers affordable urban style across a range of applications.


An attractive variety of enclosures for the common wheeled bin. The fabricated bodies allow for easy customization including size, shape, signage and perforations.


Contemporary cylindrical bin with a key-operated sprung lid for added security and ease of maintenance.


Our popular and classic round bin features a polished aluminium rim, with optional lid.


An elegant litter solution with a spun stainless steel lid.


Durable and robust cigarette disposal units suited to any outdoor environment.

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Street Furniture Australia

Improving the public realm through innovative and timeless products.