Designed for Townsville City Council by Alexander Lotersztain in association with Cox Rayner Architects and Gamble McKinnon Green Landscape Architects, this unique collection of products complements the overall design intent of the project.

The Flinders Collection was designed with great attention placed on modularity and the way the different elements create flow and rhythm within the constraints of the side walk. Durability and robustness were paramount, with the design being able to withstand both natural forces and vandalism.

Street & Garden worked to develop the ideas to suit manufacturing, all the time in consultation with the stakeholder group. Local manufacturing was important to the client so for the project, Street & Garden worked to source the majority of components from the Townsville local area.

Flinders Collection seating is now available as a product for other projects.


Design: Alexander Lotersztain

Year: 2011

Suite: Seating, Drinking Fountain, Bollards, Tree Guard and Grate

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