Barbecues that have been designed for public use installations normally feature an easy to use push button operation to make them simple and safe for inexperienced users to operate. However, in certain situations, it may be necessary to control access to the barbecue with a key or coin.

Key operation is ideal for situations where access needs to be restricted at certain times or to certain users. This may be particularly useful in situations where barbecues are installed in semi-public open spaces such as residential apartments or where there are lots of children present. Key control can be configured in different ways to give you the exact control you desire.

Coin operation allows the facility provider to recoup money towards the initial investment along with the ongoing running costs of the barbecue. This type of operation can be configured to accept various coins for both Australian and international currencies.

PARKQUIP’s key and coin operated barbecues come in a range of cabinet options or alternatively can be supplied independently for custom built-in or brick-in projects. The hotplates are available in electric, LPG and natural gas.

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