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The Murray river border town of Mulwala in NSW is a popular destination for water sports and fishing with many access points for boats along the foreshore.

In summer the parks around the lake Mulwala receive an influx of visitors so providing park furniture that is durable is extremely important.

Daren Harvey from Federation Council said “the products required for the parks around the lake needed to be vandal resistant and long lasting. The uniformity of products was also a major consideration when ordering”.

Twelve months after installation, the range of recycled plastic bollards, picnic settings and seats at Apex Park still look as good as new. This investment in infrastructure is expected to last for more than forty years, offering holidaymakers and visitors a place to sit and soak up the glorious views.

Across the river from Mulwala, the Victorian town of Yarrawonga is another haven for holidaymakers. Along Main street sits a custom design seat called the Bellmore Seat – named for the street it now graces. Recycled plastic slats were used on a metal frame and four years after installation is still in as-new condition.

Rod McMillian from Moria Shire Council said “the seats used to have wooden slats and were maintained each year as the wood faded and needed sanding. After the plastic slats replaced the wood, the maintenance was as simple as a quick pressure wash and they come up like new”

Due to the success of the seat, the council is about to refurbish more wooden seats around Lake Mulwala.

Images | 1-3 - Apex Park recycled plastic bollards and settings; 4 - the Bellmore Seat

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