The Greenplate® 300 Equal Access electric barbecue is an environmental breakthrough with a patented design and technical qualities that provide considerable savings over the life of the product through efficient energy consumption and lower installation costs.

Each Greenplate® 300 Equal Access Barbecue comes fully assembled, ready to bolt down with a lockable service door for easy cleaning access.

Each Greenplate® 300 Equal Access Barbecue are available in single or double and also features:

  • Commercial grade LDX Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 non warping mono pressed cooking plate
  • DDA Compliant, to all relevant AS/NZS standards including AS 1428 Design for Access & Mobility Set
  • Adjustable 320°C cooking temperature
  • 28-minute timing cycle providing ample cooking time
  • High visibility Blue & White L.E.D. on push button switch with audible alarm 1 beep at start and 3 beeps at end of the cooking cycle
  • Child safety option available, push and hold button for 6 seconds to start
  • Standard push and hold button for 5 seconds to turn off
  • Safety Extra Low Voltage operation
  • Over and under voltage protection with consumer reset via push button switch
  • Quick release/install bracket for rapid removal of barbecue in flood or bushfire situations
  • University tested and approved
  • Bucket and heatproof waste bags supplied providing clean and efficient removal of waste
  • Installation and service hotline
  • The Equal Access Benches come fully assembled and shipped in protective crates for ease of installation
  • Optional Powder Coating and Anti-Graffiti Coating Available

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