Surface-it specialises in the installation of artificial turf products designed for a variety of sports surfaces. Whether you are building a new facility or upgrading an existing worn-out surface and require removal, uplift, base preparation and installation, we can assist. In Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere on the east coast of Australia, the Surface-it team can advise on the best means of obtaining a finish that will last for years to come and stand up to the rigors that will be meted out with constant and regular activity.

Artificial grass sports surfaces will outlast natural grass equivalents. They require less maintenance and upkeep as the surface is manufactured specifically to cope with high traffic and they can be used in most all weather conditions. With a synthetic solution sports clubs and schools are able to use their facilities more often, which can sometimes result in financial gain as a result of more frequent hire charges.

When artificial turf is used playing surfaces can be marked for multiple sports, for example, a tennis court can also be marked for basketball and netball or vice-versa.

Apart from those mentioned above, other common synthetic grass sports applications include:

  • Cricket wickets
  • Putting greens
  • Hockey fields
  • Bowls rinks
  • Soccer & Futsal
  • Playing area surrounds

Artificial Grass for high impact sports

A surface which complements the run of play and cushions a player’s fall is imperative in contact sports, so having an underlay that is appropriate for the sport is part of our service, we can advise on fall protection requirements to lessen the likelihood of injury and the pile height of the turf and the relevant in-fill can be customised to any specific sport.

In summary, artificial turf offers a clean playing area, saves on maintenance and the surface is better for lower limbs over hardcourts.

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