Surfacing Contractors Australia offer the Spurtan range of surfacing systems for athletics applications, with IAAF Certification for the highest level of performance.

Spurtan® BV

Spurtan BV is suited to all levels of competition. This unique track system is SCA’s most popular all-weather track system. Quick to install, Spurtan BV offers a uniform finish and any surface damage can easily be repaired without full depth replacement. Spurtan BV is a sandwich style polyurethane track system with a base layer of recycled SBR rubber granules bound in polyurethane. The second layer is a seal coat using two-component polyurethane and EPDM Powdered Rubber. The surface layer is made up of coloured EPDM rubber granules cast into a polyurethane flood coat.

Spurtan® BS

The Spurtan BS synthetic surface is a very most cost-effective solution for athletics. The structure coated surface is primarily used for running tracks, run-ups, sprint lanes and basic athletics facilities. This is the budget option, water permeable and the solution for regional track facilities.

Spurtan BS is an IAAF certified 2-layer system consisting of a structural spray surface with an SBR and binder base mat. The base layer consists of recycled rubber granules and polyurethane bonding agents, which helps to make the surface elastic and can be cast in a variety of designs and thicknesses.

Spurtan® BSS

The Spurtan BSS synthetic surface is the cost effective impermeable solution for athletics. The structured spray coated surface provides spike resistance for running tracks, run-up tracks and athletics facilities.

System Structure

  1. Structural spray on top (done in two different spray applications)
  2. Porefiller layer to seal the base mat
  3. Primer
  4. In-situ paved based layer
  5. Asphalt or concrete

Spurtan® WT

The SpurtanWT synthetic surface is another cost effective solution for athletic activities. The structure is primarily used for multi-sports facilities and jogging tracks. It is the only surface in SCA’s product range that has a single installed layer, allowing for easy and fast installation. It is a great all rounder.

Key Benefits

  • Permeable structural system
  • Excellent force reduction
  • Ideal for jogging tracks and multisport facilities
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Premium colours available upon request

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