SONARC brings music to the play table. Adding the element of sound will differentiate your destination playground from traditional play and leisure spaces. The New York-based company specialises in the design of sculptural sound installations that are both aesthetically captivating and playfully interactive. Sound installations allow children to create their own rhythm and acoustic tones discovering and learning about the principles of sound.

Each sculpture invites the user to make sound and music through different modes of delivery. Underground telephone tubes and the parabolic bench reinvent traditional playground games like Chinese Whispers. Drum tables, kids drums, sun drums, and talking drums are all inspired by different drum variations producing tones of varying depths. Slap pipes which resonate different frequencies and harmonies can be activated by hand or wind – or even a trusty rubber thong!

Not only are these sculptures fun to play with, these stainless steel or powder-coated installations stand out in any space and are so intriguing that you can’t help but give them a go.

SONARC sound sculptures bring a new dynamic to playgrounds and public spaces with children and adults alike being inspired and captivated by the award-winning range.

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