by Arrow Alpha

The protuberances will be transformed into feature nodal points with the new signage, upgraded landscaping (green) elements, uncluttered footpaths, and art and street furniture for an improved aesthetic in the heartof the CBD.

Wayfinding signage is a critical component of the City Centre Revitalisation because it interacts with visitors at ground level. The signs promote the experience of the City by foot, offering information on current location and pointing out nearby key features and attractions. Visitors can miss many of the City’s attractions and Council believes the new Arrow alpha signage adds another method of tourist promotion.

Mount Gambier's rich history andlocation midway between Adelaide and Melbourne on the Limestone Coast make it an ideal destination for tourists. Famous for its Blue Lake, the City also boasts the 'Lady Nelson' Visitor and Discovery Centre, Engelbrecht Cave, Crater Lakes Complex and numerous playgrounds, parks and gardens.

Tourism generates over $100 million in annual expenditure, and the City acknowledges the importance of tourism by investing heavily in community infrastructure.

As part of its City Centre Revitalisation, the city of Mount Gambier has developed a ‘Park and Stride’concept to promote the use of off-street consolidated car parksand encourage both tourists and locals to walk to the Commercial Street precinct. The commercial Street zone is the key precinct withinthe revitalisation, with the greatest potentialfor community and economic benefit. Commercial Street and its associated pedestrian links are critical to the overall success of ‘Park and Stride’.

Central to the ‘Park and Stride’philosophy is the redevelopment of existing protuberance areas along Commercial Street (expanded footpath areas in four separate locations) and the addition of Arrow Alpha Wayfinding signs.

About Arrow Alpha
Established in 1990, after recognising the importance of sustainable forms of transport, Arrow Alpha began by designing and manufacturing high quality, cost efficient, long lasting public transport information products and systems. Arrow Alpha’s team are thinkers, designers, problem solvers and inventors, always on the lookout for opportunities to create and manufacture innovative products for a sustainable tomorrow. Arrow Alpha’s product designs and manufacturing process reflect our passion for the environment. Every step in the manufacturing process is as clean, green and sustainable as possible keeping our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. By focusing on improving the eco-efficiency ofmanufacturing systems to reduce energy, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, production costs are also reduced, resulting in a win-win solution for our client and the environment.

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