The Thunder Road Brewing Company is a brewery with one of its locations in Brunswick, Melbourne. Thunder Road Brewing Company sought out Celmec for a heating solution for its large warehouse style brewery area and for the mezzanine area above. The brewery wanted heaters that could be mounted up high and that suited the décor of the space. To meet this criteria and to best heat such a large area Celmec’s gas fired Tube Radiant Heaters (TRH) were installed. 
Three TRH units were installed, two of which were TRH UP9 units in the warehouse area. The smaller TRH UP3 heats the mezzanine area. TRH units are perfect for large indoor areas such as the Thunder Road Brewery and can see savings of up to 50% when compared to conventional warm air heating systems. This is because the TRH system does not waste energy attempting to heat the air; rather it focuses on emitting radiant heat that warms people and objects below. 
TRH units are available in a range of sizes ranging from 53MJ/h- 170MJ/h and floor coverage of up to 180m2, depending on the model and application. A range of options are available to better increase efficiency, or to meet the needs of individual projects. For more information contact Celmec or visit the website

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