Public Bar completed an upgrade of their outdoor entertaining area. As a part of the change two of Celmec’s existing umbrella structures had the umbrella skins replaced. SJB wanted the new umbrella skins to showcase Public Bars colour scheme. One umbrella was fitted with lime green and white panels, the other with a lime green, black and white tartan pattern. The existing gutters, infills, and three CS45 umbrellas remain unchanged with dark brown PVC Tensil Fabric. Celights were integrated into the umbrellas. As dark colours do not reflect light very well, the Celights were fitted with reflectors to ensure a more natural light for patrons below.

The tartan pattern was achieved by screen-printing on the standard white PVC Tensil Fabric. The green and white umbrella was created by welding two green, and two white quarter panels together. The group who own Public Bar also own a number of establishments across Canberra which have recently undone refurbishments. The changes have been loudly applauded for their modern styling, whilst still maintaining the historic integrity of the surrounding buildings.


SJB Interiors


Cnr Fliners Way & Franklin Street, Manuka, ACT


Heatray Umbrellas, CR45 & CS38

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