Waterplay® presents the Big Top Soaker, a humongous dumping bucket that brings a big splash experience to the Cirque aquatic play collection. Its unique translucent bucket lets waterplayers watch in anticipation as it fills with water and then tips out a show stopping splash to soak the senses.

The largest of the Cirque features at 4.5 metres tall, the Big Top Soaker towers on whimsically curving legs as if performing on stilts. Its bucket, designed with a transparent AquaLume™, allows light to illuminate the water as it rises, creating a fun visual experience for excited waterplayers below. Those in the front row will get a thrilling head-to-toe splash experience, while passersby can marvel at the spectacular water show from a distance. An irresistible main attraction for youth play areas, Big Top takes the Cirque Collection to new heights and augments any aquatic adventure with unforgettable splashes.

Now available to the global market, the Big Top Soaker is sure to inspire a wave of applause from waterplayers across the world!

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