Inclusive play is at the very core of everything Urban Play aims for. The result is universal designs and products that embrace the needs of all. In universal playgrounds all children can play together, with peers, parents or individually. There is no need for segregated areas, which can have the opposite effect of inclusivity.

KOMPAN has been working with children with disabilities since the early 1990s. The first universal design tests were carried out in cooperation with a school for children with disabilities in 1991 and the observations paved the way for the first publication in play equipment for children with disabilities in 1993 – outdoor play for all children.

Inclusion and universal design are about what people of any ability can contribute, instead of what they cannot do. Every person, regardless of ability should be able to, not only access a playspace, but also easily be included within it. The best way to achieve this is to work with universal design principles.

Urban Play’s six Universal Playground design points:

  1. Accessible, inclusive routing and infrastructure
  2. Access to relevant ground-level activities
  3. Access to relevant elevated-level activities
  4. Support thrilling and challenging play
  5. Support social interaction
  6. Variation in play activities

The equipment that is used within a playground can also have a major impact on its inclusivity.

All KOMPAN products are designed on these six principles:

  1. Ground-level useability
  2. Responsive or thrilling
  3. Play from all sides – 360-degree design
  4. Two-sided play activities on panels
  5. Transparency in design
  6. Multifunctional whenever possible

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