Mimicking the sprawling growth of trees in the bush, a bespoke Tripod Tree log Climber and Tree Stump Cubby Climber from Natureworks were installed at Underwood Park playground, QLD, encouraging children to climb and explore in a nature-inspired environment.

Underwood Park is an extensive park with a range of facilities for the whole community. The park features gazebos, barbecue facilities, off-leash green spaces and a large playground with a large collection of play equipment.

Natureworks supplied its custom Tripod Tree log Climber and Tree Stump Cubby Climber to the playground at Underwood Park, which transformed the space into an exciting native wonderland where the kids can climb and play in a safe, nature-based environment. The trunk texture and design mimic the natural elements of the bush and soften the surrounding environment while encouraging each child to develop their knowledge and awareness of the natural world around them.

There is an extensive range of Natureworks products which are specifically designed to meet the Australian Playground Standard requirements, so you can be assured of quality and safety. 

Natureworks designed and installed the Tripod Tree log Climber and Tree Stump Cubby Climber as a set for the playspace, based on sketches provided by Logan City Council. The client reported great satisfaction with the completed installation and design, and is keen to specify more of Natureworks nature-based features into future playgrounds.


Natureworks supplies products that are ideal to create an immersive, themed playspace for any location. Consider creating a magical garden centred within a larger-than-life fantasy tree, which features fairies, leprechauns, unicorns and more; or specify a gnarled old habitat tree, full of animals in its nooks and crannies, which teaches children about the natural environment. These trees can be used as decoration or can be repurposed into a climbing tree, a cubby house, a reading tree or even a slide!

Natureworks supplies ready-made true-to-life animal sculptures, such as bats, birds, frogs and more, which can be added into the space to make it come alive and help the children immerse themselves in a fantasy world, fuelled by their imaginations.

The beautifully shaped ‘aged’ Tripod Tree Log Climber structure has been carefully designed and surface-textured to recreate a highly ornate ‘dead log’. The original piece was sculpted in steel-reinforced concrete to provide a safe climbing structure to introduce kids into the challenge of climbing trees and other natural formations “in the wild”.

The Climber is available in steel-reinforced pre-pigmented fibreglass with an average weight of 230kg or in steel-framed glass fibre reinforced cement (GFRC) at an average weight of 1.1 tonnes. The item is extremely robust and unbreakable. Children can ascend to or descend from the peak via three climbing slopes.  

The prototype was commissioned by the Logan City Council in Brisbane for the Underwood Park playground in 2019 and is now available by order from Natureworks.


Tripod Climber Height 1366mm

Footprint 3677 mm (L) x 2196mm (W)

Footings 400mm deep

  • Reinforcing bar cast into footing and core filled voids in stump wall – 10mm
  • Made to engineers’ specifications

Armature 10mm galvanised rod steel frame


Each Tree Stump Climber is a unique creation, handcrafted with a blend of natural and artificial materials that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Depending on the client’s requirements, the structure typically includes steel armature/frameworks combined with fibreglass/concrete or polyurethane foam and textured with bark-like material that is sculpted then hand-painted.

The bark textures are moulded and cast, incorporating finishing ‘natural’ touches such as knots, lines, weeping sap, aerial roots and flowers. External tree buttressed roots can also be sculpted to anchor the base, or it can have a hollowed-out base that acts as a cubby house.

This highly ornate tree stump climbing cubby was sculpted over a week-long sculpting session by Natureworks in February 2019 for the playspace at Underwood Park.

The original piece – at 1810mm tall and approximately 1320 mm in diameter – incorporates a cubby hide/hollow and climbing holds surrounding the perimeter trunk, which allows kids to climb into a recessed ‘nest’ on the top of the log.

The surface texture is that of an old windswept and weathered tree. The original piece was sculpted in steel and polymer-modified reinforced cement. Logan City Council commissioned this tree stump climber as one of the key elements for a playground at Underwood Park.

A master mould was then fabricated, which allows for future reproductions to be commissioned in either colour-impregnated heavy-duty fibreglass or glass fibre reinforced cement (GFRC).

This play sculpture challenges children to tackle a vertical climbing surface utilising naturally occurring knots and crevices within the trunk. The top space holds up to three children.


Stump Height 1810mm

Footprint 1154 mm (L) x 1320mm (W)

Footings 400mm deep

  • Reinforcing bar cast into footing and core filled voids in stump wall – 10mm
  • Made to engineers’ specifications

Armature 10mm galvanised round bar steel frame

Fungi seat core filled with concrete to anchor sculpture to footing

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