The new Redcliffe Putt and Play mini golf challenge delights young and old, recreating an underwater world of creatures of the deep, pirates of the Caribbean and monster animals, mermaids, sunken treasure, terrifying sharks and many other creatures of the ocean depths. All on dry land in the bustling centre of suburban Redcliffe in Brisbane!

The Undersea Putt and Play entertainment centre sits within Redcliffe’s Bluewater Square shopping centre just a block from the sea, so a marine life theme was perfect! As well as an 18-hole putt putt course, the venue includes a games arcade, cafe and bar. Natureworks planned, designed and built the complete mini golf course and surrounding facade, from initial concept through to constructing walls, painting murals, sculpting animals, creating a range of marine and pirate props and adding nautical themed touches to the bar and gaming area.

The outer facade of a pirate ship and aquatic features was designed to attract and intrigue visitors, and provides a recognisable landmark for the area. Since its launch in late 2020, Undersea Putt and Play continues to draw interest, attract tourist spending and entertain a variety of visitors.

The marine themed putt-putt course experience design is evidence of Natureworks’ reputation for delivering ‘out of this world’ experiences. Using their vast collection of weird and wonderful sculptures (and a fair dollop of creative talent) Natureworks created natural nautical magic for visitors, which in turn delivers commercial benefits for the centre’s owners.

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