Upgraded with a ‘nature’ playground from Proludic, Sheahans Reserve in Bulleen, Victoria, now features a Kanopé Multi-Play from the award-winning nature-inspired Kanopé range, a Proludic Springer, a swing set, spinner, and natural elements like logs and rocks that promote climbing and balancing, and works as seating. Landscaping and new garden beds add greenery to reinforce the natural feel of the playspace.

Commissioned by Manningham City Council, the client requested Proludic’s Kanopé Multi-Play equipment as the main feature of the playground. The Multi-Play unit combines modern design with natural inspiration, facilitating easy integration into the natural environment of the reserve.

The client is very satisfied with the aesthetics of the Kanopé Multi-Play, its size, layout and the wide range of play activities it offers. It engages children from 3 years of age in fun, adventurous and active play: climb a tree, cross a bridge, use ropes to scale the forest, or rest in the Kookaburra Nest playhouse before sliding down the Great Waterfall!

The Sheahans Reserve project is a great example of a playground design that combines play equipment with natural elements, encouraging young children to experience nature, develop their physical, cognitive and social skills, and have fun at the same time!

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