A seesaw is something we all know and love, and in our range you will find this classic piece of playground equipment in several different shapes and forms. You will also find our popular Multi Seesaw, designed to ensure safe seesawing for many kids.

This range includes:

Spring Seesaw
This item of playground equipment is a cut-above the traditional seesaw. The double spring construction not only allows for a more comfortable ride but also for a higher level of safety. If a child should jump off in the middle of a ride, the special strong spring stops the child on the other end from hitting the ground with a bump. In addition, the stabiliser in the middle stops the seesaw from rocking from side to side, as can happen on many older types of seesaw.

This extra back support and footrest are practical additions for children with poor coordination or sense of balance. These simple additions can be attached to one or both ends of the Multi Seesaw.

Octopus Seesaw
Octopus is one of the mysterious inhabitants of the seven seas. Alone, in pairs or with co-riders standing on octopus' head, the ride on this seesaw is a great challenge for balance and coordination. At each end there is seating for two players opposite to each other. With eye-to-eye contact, they can coordinate their efforts and experiment with balance and speed. The centre position is meant for standing or crouching and offers a number of handholds, to secure the action, thus offering a safe position, but still great challenge for the more capable players.

The Blazer is a distant relative of the seesaw, but with an Easy Rider twist. The movement, rhythm and melody of the Blazer changes according to the number of riders and their positions. There is room for 1, 2, 3 and more in the middle. Every move counts on the Blazer as children learn how to make it change its motion.

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