The Play Works has a wide range of unique and interesting swings and springers. Swings range from a standard double-swing set to a five-person swing, as well as a giant tripod basket swing. The company has designed and manufactured a five-point harness that is large enough to accommodate adults — this all-abilities harness improves playground accessibility and can be fitted to almost any swing frame. Along with a standard toddler and strap swing seats there’s also infant high-backed seats, adult bucket seats and hand-powered swing seats.

The Play Works manufactures both hot-dipped steel and timber swings, and its speciality is the Big Timber ranges, made with 200x200mm ironbark timber. These swings are striking, natural and extremely solid. Many configurations of each type of swing are available.

A range of springers allows you to add a customised theme to your playground — there are garden, water, country, Australian, space and transport-themed springers. There are also options for single, double or four-children pieces.

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The Play Works has over 25 years of expertise in designing and building playgrounds