All the animals in the Springers assortment range are just ready and waiting for fun and excitement. The elephant can push its way through the thickest jungle, or you can sit on the back of the dolphin and imagine the big ocean.

There are both single and double-sided products - so two children can climb up into the saddle and head for the Wild West!

This range includes:

Crazy Hen
A spring-based classic, the Crazy Hen was created 30 years ago but remains a firm favourite with children all over the world.

Crazy Daisy
The Crazy Daisy is all about working together. When all the seats are filled, the children have to coordinate their movements if they want the Crazy Daisy to move, although two children can have an equally enjoyable ride as four.

Lady birds usually crawl on one's finger, before flying away. This one is inviting you to join him. Just climb up, be seated and the little bug will take you for a ride. Hold on to hand- and footholds and the trip can begin.

Dune Buggy
Climb the Buggy and take a ride along the seaside. The lively little car is a real fast-runner, when you first are in it. Take seat and rock along.

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