The turn of the year often brings with it a wave of New Year's resolutions and KOMPAN Australia's is to create healthier, happier communities.

Around the world, millions of people are tuning into their local edition of the Ninja Warrior television franchise, whilst companies such as Spartan and Tough Mudder are introducing obstacle courses to a new audience. Now, councils and property developers are following suit and bringing obstacles courses to the masses.

KOMPAN's obstacle course range is designed to help adults and teenagers keep fit whilst having fun, and the range is a natural accompaniment to the hugely popular Cross Systems range.

Townsville City Council claimed the mantle of Australia's first KOMPAN obstacle course with the opening of its Corcoran Park project back in August 2018. Peet Limited has since followed up with an installation of their own at their Eden's Crossing residential community southwest of Brisbane.

KOMPAN Australia's Managing Director, Peter McKewen, is excited by the prospect of outdoor obstacle courses popping up in parks across the country. "Councils and property developers in particular are recognising the positive impact that the provision of high-quality public fitness facilities can have on the health and wellbeing of residents. What I love about these obstacle courses is that they're essentially a playground for grown-ups. People enter events like Tough Mudder so that they can test their body while having fun with mates, and now that experience is being brought to a regular park setting."

It won't be long until Brisbane's southwest corridor has its second obstacle course, with Logan City Council soon to install equipment at Spring Mountain Reserve. Next in line will be Sydney's southern suburbs, with Liverpool City Council planning a ninja warrior circuit for their Giant Casula Parklands Adventure Playspace in the coming months.

KOMPAN look forward to seeing what comes next in this space - we'd love to see an obstacle course installed in a high school, university or sports club. Who knows, one of these obstacle courses might even lead to Australia producing its very own Hobie Call or Jon Albon (you might need to look them up!).

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