KOMPAN is pleased to announce the release of a new range: Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs). The MUGA range provides spaces for people to play, exercise and be active.

The MUGA solution supports a wide variety of sports and games including soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, badminton, hockey, cricket, netball and handball.

Newly introduced features in the range include:

  • A wood plastic composite solution for customers chasing a solution with a natural look – the material is 100 percent recycled and will never need oil or paint
  • Panels and posts that have been developed so the inside of the space is fully flat – no more balls bouncing off at odd angles
  • A tensioned nylon net material with stainless steel wires that can be incorporated into the upper reaches of the space to achieve a professional look and keep the ball in
  • Redesigned inclusive wheelchair entrances that allow all-abilities access while restricting access to bikes and scooters
  • Redesigned panel plus for noise reduction

The new system is available in a variety of materials. The newly created wood plastic composite solution is perfect for a busy city park in which a council or landscape architect wishes to maintain a ‘natural’ aesthetic.

HDPE EcoCore™ is useful for use in residential developments where the property developer wants the colours of the MUGA space to match their branding. The durable galvanised steel option is great for schools or urban areas where the area is going to receive a lot of wear and tear. The nylon netting option is well suited to a sports club in order to keep the ball in play and keep the game flowing.

The solution is supported by a configurator system that allows customers to work with their KOMPAN Play & Fitness Specialist to create a custom solution to suit any environment, style and budget.

Learn more about the new MUGA range here.

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