By incorporating natural materials and features in playgrounds, Proludic offers children an enriching play environment, which can assist in the development of their senses and their enjoyment of the playground. When designing a playground, it is essential to take into account the overall environment to decide if any existing landscape features can be incorporated into the design. Materials and products that reflect and enhance the natural environment can be included in the playground design.

A playground that draws on the strengths of the surrounding natural environment – be it the ocean, beach, mountains or forest – will be enjoyed and appreciated by children and adults alike. 


Proludic’s award-winning Kanopé range combines modern features with natural inspirations and fits in both natural and urban play environments. With the prevalence of urban living, many children do not have access to play in natural settings, Kanopé gives them the chance to climb a tree tower, cross a bridge, use ropes to scale a forest, or navigate a pathway through vegetation. Each structure is an adventure trail with curved lines, organic shapes and colours of a woodland world in motion.


The play opportunities found in nature are replicated in the Origin’ range. Balance along a fallen log, climb the log steppers, walk across a bridge – the senses are stimulated through the look and feel of natural Robinia timber while children develop their motor skills. With Origin’, children play in nature, with nature and using nature. Origin’ play areas exist in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings. 


The colours and materials of Proludic’s Balancing and Climbing range complement natural play settings. The timber posts and beams reflect the characteristics of the surrounding environment in an aesthetically pleasing way. Balancing and Climbing equipment can be arranged in adventure trails on which children can test their balance and agility while developing concentration and coordination skills. They also provide a pleasant setting for socialising and imaginative play activities. 


Playing with sand is a stimulating, fun, natural play activity that children of all ages enjoy. This tactile play element is a source of constant discovery and learning opportunities, particularly for young children. Children develop their motor skills and enhance their concentration while having fun. Proludic’s Sand Play and Sand Factory offer innovative ways to incorporate sand play into your facility and provides a whole world of exploration and creation. 

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Images (top to bottom) | Kanopé Multi-Play Unit 1, Kanopé Multi-Play Unit 2, Origin’ Multi-Play Structure, Balancing and Climbing equipment, The Sand Factory.

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