By combining exciting electronic games and healthy outdoor play, Urban Play’s digital ranges give children and teens the best of both worlds.

The ICON and FAIRYTALES range takes the appeal of electronic games and brings it outside, so that children can benefit from a healthier lifestyle. The health, educational and social benefits that outdoor playgrounds provide are significant. Add these to the modern child’s affinity for electronic gaming and you have some of the world’s most compelling outdoor playground equipment.

With an ICON playground, kids are out in the fresh air while still enjoying the kind of games they like to play indoors. Each product comes with up to four fun games where children can play individually or together as a team, discussing rules and strategies, and creating endless hours of outdoor excitement. ICON’s dynamic playgrounds provide an energising play experience for all ages and abilities.

ICON makes play after dark possible with the glowing lights, making a digital playground not only incredibly useful but also visually stunning.

ICON playgrounds are recognised around the world as the leading innovative playground, winning the 2011 Australian International Design Award and becoming the playground of choice at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. All ICON cables, plugs and electronic components are weather-resistant, ensuring high durability, vandal resistance and low maintenance.

Besides being magnets for play as standalone play structures, the Hans Christian Andersen play equipment also incorporates an interactive digital layer. No matter the environment, these fairytale structures offer hours of physical and imaginative play.

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