GymLudic® is an educational play structure for pre-school children providing fun ways to develop motor and psychomotor skills. It is an outstanding resource to enhance Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Programs and enrich Occupational Therapy (OT) Programs.

It is a compact and mobile box that makes setting up Obstacle Courses quick and easy. GymLudic® enables more than 80 motor activities to be provided for children's development and enjoyment.

GymLudic® comes in the shape of a compact box on wheels which can be used indoors or outdoors. Easy to manoeuvre and unfold, it can be opened into 3 distinct sections. Accessories are easy to put in place and adjust, and teachers are able to offer children activities with various levels of difficulty. Progressively more complex exercises enable children to improve their motor and psychomotor skills during their years in pre-school.

Many early childhood establishments have limited space and rely on teachers setting up many small individual items of moveable play equipment for the children to use each day. The ability to manoeuvre and unfold the GymLudic® and easily fold it up and store again each day provides teachers with a flexible and convenient solution.

Children and teachers really enjoy using the GymLudic®.

"I carried out a cycle of motor skills activities using GymLudic®, following a demonstration in class. I noted a renewed interest from the children for these activities. They really enjoyed the appealing equipment, which enables us to organise a variety of activities. The children were enthusiastic and wanted to learn. It's a good tool for them to progress and develop their skills." - Mrs David, Pre-school teacher.

The innovative GymLudic® has received the Good Design® Selection Award in Australia’s oldest and most prestigious awards program for design and innovation, the Good Design Awards!

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