Natureworks developed this 3-metre, museum-standard, larger-than-life replica of a Thorny Devil. While it looks fearsome, the spikes have been rounded off to 6mm radiuses, which provide great footholds for children to climb on. It is integrally gel-coat coloured in the negative and has no painted surface, ensuring it won't degrade outdoors.

The Thorny Devil is designed as a playground-friendly Australian outdoor/indoor element that makes a powerful statement where ever it is featured. Natureworks can custom build to your requirements, or you could choose from their existing 800 stock items, which are available to create a special feature in your space.


Gumbuya World in the Gippsland region of Victoria was acquired by a consortium and revamped into a far bigger and better theme park experience, enabling it to reopen its doors in the summer of 2017/2018.

Natureworks worked as a joint venture with Pico Play to design and construct the entire enclosure and exhibitory of the ‘Critter Cave’ exhibiting nine large reptiles, frog and insect habitat display dioramas.

The Artificial Rock Cave structure was custom-built to meet the specific animal husbandry requirements. The whole build was 700 square metres of artificial rockwork, which replicated the typical Gippsland highland region rock formations.

Natureworks can custom build to your requirements or you can choose from existing 800+ stock items that are available to create a special feature in your space. You dream it, Natureworks can create it!

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