Natureworks offers over thirty prehistoric playground props through to custom built individualised dino-play discovery pits. Our selection of dinosaur digs are designed to be set into a bed of sand, to provide a sense of discovery for kids to be excited when the hidden fossil bones are revealed with brooms or brushes. They allow young palaeontologists to discover their own dinosaur fossils, teaching them the behind-the-scenes processes by which scientists conduct their investigations.

The Australian tertiary mammal dig is a bed of fossil bearing rock replica in the shape of the continent of Australia. The dig allows students to relate their discovery of a crocodile skull after a “dig” in Cape York to finding a Tasmanian tiger skull in Tasmania.

A close up of our Diprotodon skeleton allows them to uncover the complete skeleton of one of Australia’s largest prehistoric extinct marsupials.

Turn your children into young palaeontologists with dinosaur themes which never age.

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